Brief profile training center:

Our instructors are evaluated based on their background and experience, most are airline expert technicians, inspectors and instructors with vast experience in foreign and local Repair Stations in the Airline Industry.

With regards to our facilities we make sure that we meet the aviation standard for training center, we invested on modern tooling and equipment, we also purchased condemned components and accessories from the airline in order for our students to work on. Spacious comfortable classrooms, are also available that can accommodate 10-15 people at the same time. However, we maintain a 10 students per class only.


AEAI will also maintain an ideal ratio of aircraft against the number of students, AEAI will see to it that we will not be filled to capacity. Ideal ratios that both aircraft usage and flight frequencies will be manage proficiently, because AEFA is also concerned with the proper maintenance of the aircraft that safety and reliability is not being compromised.